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There are two components to all the courses:
1. Theoretical / Teaching component which is delivered online 2. Practical sessions take place onsite


Our mission is to ensure that all of our graduates enter the industry with the confidence and knowledge necessary to be successful healthcare workers, providing quality and compassionate patient care.

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  • To Dr. Jude Adeghe and the staff of St Jude Clinic, Dr. Ashu Balimba and Dr. Marie Balimba Njabon together with the administration of Polyclinique du Palais, Yaounde, Cameroon, want to appreciate and thank you for your excellent hospitality, consideration and effectiveness in partnering with us to provide this refresher course in the IVF aspects of Gyneacology and Embryology. At St. Jude, the environment was warm and friendly, everyone had a smile and not just that, but they were all so available and helpful, polite and professional. We were involved in the clinical management of IVF cases and taught techniques in Gynaecology by Dr. Adeghe and in Embryology by the very available Mr. Maude. Interestingly, you not only freely shared guidance on standard practice, but also a wealth of information borne from experience on starting up and managing a centre; several important tips on different management styles giving us full access to the clinical practice. Your pedagogic proficiency, genuine interest and assistance in helping us start up our own center is deeply appreciated and won’t be forgotten. So permit us to say again, a big thank you! We consider this partnership very important, and look forward to inviting you to share in our IVF story in Cameroon. Sincerely,
    Dr. Balimba