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There are two components to all the courses:
1. Theoretical / Teaching component which is delivered online 2. Practical sessions take place onsite

Our mission is to ensure that all of our graduates enter the industry with the confidence and knowledge necessary to be successful healthcare workers, providing quality and compassionate patient care.


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  • Being a Graduate of the St Jude Fertility Institute and certified Assisted conception Nurse is one of my career dreams come true Learning in a homely environment with friendly and hardworking staff at St Jude is a memorable experience. I am a better Midwife now. The practical sessions were According to the world's best standard practice. A lifetime decision that Worth's it.
    Mrs. Bisi Adedoyin Adebayo (Fertility Nurse)
  • Mr. Audu Ahmadu Usman
    My name is Audu Ahmadu Usman.I am an Anatomist and a sonographer. I developed an interest in reproductory health as a result of the increasing number of subfertility/infertility cases I come across in my daily practice. After doing my search on the internet and other sources on where to enroll for the andrology& embryology course, the only place I could get what I was looking for was St Jude Fertility Institute. I came to realize that most professionals in this field don't want to promote teaching in this great field. However, this is the opposite in St Jude as Dr. Jude Adeghe and his staff is very happy to diffuse out from their wealth of knowledge. I would also like to commend them on their fee which is very affordable and first of its kind in the country. Thank you sir Dr.Jude Adeghe for your support and mentorship. thank you sir for creating an opportunity like this.I benefited immensely from your class. My sincere appreciation also goes to Mr. Maude Garba (the Prof.).I learned a lot from your embryology class and practicals. Semen processing, egg retrieval, insemination, and embryo transfer, the experience was quite phenomenal. Thank you sir Dr.Glaziers for your online lecture it was very educative. My profound appreciation also goes out to Mr. Kayode the course coordinator for his support and encouragement. Not forgetting Nkiru also for her effort. God bless Dr.Jude Adeghe and everybody at St Jude Fertility institute,I wish you guys more successful news ahead. Mr. Audu Ahmadu Usman (Embryologist)
    Mr. Audu Ahmadu Usman (Embryologist)
  • Mrs. Temitope OMOLEWA-OGUNSOLA.
    The training I received at St. Jude Fertility Institute is an eye-opener for me. The training opened me up to the world of fertility health. I also got the first-hand experience of the interplay of medicine, science & cutting-edge technologies. The ambiance of your learning environment with the support and friendliness of your staff are fantastic memories I have of your institute. Thank you. Mrs. Temitope OMOLEWA-OGUNSOLA.
    Mrs Temitope Omolewa-Ogunsola (Fertility Nurse)
  • My name is Dr Chris Mordi Williams Up till recently, I have practised only natural health. I decided to get training in FERTILITY AND IVF some time ago and in my search, I came across St Jude's Fertility Training centre in Abuja. The fees required was rather affordable and made a lot of sense compared to other training that people go get abroad for three weeks courses. Besides, this particular course was for Months (Spread out ) including a lot of theories and practical hands-on sessions. While the lectures have been so revealing easy to understand and empowering, the first practice session of about ten days was explosive. With an unusual eagerness and no holds back attitude, the staff of St Jude's showed and taught us all that go on in the IVF theatre and Lab...Pre-Egg collection proceedings, Egg Collection, Gametes Management and Embryo Transfer. The experience was for me literally blissful, even as the Staff were so friendly and welcoming. I would recommend St Jude's for anyone looking to get similar training... There's absolutely little or no need to seek such pieces of training overseas Thank you, Dr Jude and the entire staff of St Jude's Fertility Training Centre. Dr Chris Mordi Williams WellAgain Medique Ltd
    Dr Chris Mordi Williams
    WellAgain Medique Ltd
  • It was a great and rare opportunity to be trained by the best hands in assisted fertility. You impacted so much knowledge and skills. Everyone in the institute is so friendly, accommodative, and supportive. Thanks so much
    Mrs. Roseline Adewole (Fertility Nurse)
    Clinical Nursing Dept University College Hospital, Ibadan
  • To Dr. Jude Adeghe and the staff of St Jude Clinic, Dr. Ashu Balimba and Dr. Marie Balimba Njabon together with the administration of Polyclinique du Palais, Yaounde, Cameroon, want to appreciate and thank you for your excellent hospitality, consideration and effectiveness in partnering with us to provide this refresher course in the IVF aspects of Gyneacology and Embryology. At St. Jude, the environment was warm and friendly, everyone had a smile and not just that, but they were all so available and helpful, polite and professional. We were involved in the clinical management of IVF cases and taught techniques in Gynaecology by Dr. Adeghe and in Embryology by the very available Mr. Maude. Interestingly, you not only freely shared guidance on standard practice, but also a wealth of information borne from experience on starting up and managing a centre; several important tips on different management styles giving us full access to the clinical practice. Your pedagogic proficiency, genuine interest and assistance in helping us start up our own center is deeply appreciated and won’t be forgotten. So permit us to say again, a big thank you! We consider this partnership very important, and look forward to inviting you to share in our IVF story in Cameroon. Sincerely,
    Dr. Balimba

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