Course Overview

The objective of the certificate course is to equip the nurse or midwife with knowledge and skills required for their role in a modern fertility and IVF centre. The role of the specialist fertility nurse  include initial assessment of couples, planning and carrying out initial investigations alongside the gynaecologist / specialist doctor, information counselling, assisting the doctor during egg collection and embryo transfer procedures.

It is a part-time course over a period of nine months. The course can therefore be done alongside your regular job. It offers a blended program with theoretical and practical components conducted online, residential intensive weekend lectures and practical sessions. Successful completion is assessed through regular assignments, keeping a log book of practical procedures, a short dissertation on a relevant topic and a final assessment test.

Who should enrol in this course?

  • Registered Nurse or Midwife with a minimum of 2 years post-registration, previous experience in a fertility centre is not required
  • Registered nurse or midwife currently working in a fertility centre but keen to broaden and improve their skills

What you’ll learn

  • Detailed knowledge of human reproductive physiology
  • Epidemiology of Infertility: Causes, prevalence, strategies for prevention, definitions
  • Fertility investigations: male and female
  • Ultrasound scanning as an important tool in assisted reproduction
  • Basic and advanced fertility treatment
  • Understanding IVF/ICSI: indications, treatment planning, ovarian stimulation, egg collection and embryo transfer  
  • Information counselling and basic support counselling
  • Quality Management system in Assisted Conception
  • Data management in assisted conception



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