Dr. Chris Mordi Williams

Mrs. Roseline Adewole (Fertility Nurse)
April 11, 2021
Mrs Temitope Omolewa-Ogunsola (Fertility Nurse)
April 11, 2021

Dr. Chris Mordi Williams

My name is Dr Chris Mordi Williams

Up till recently, I have practised only natural health. I decided to get training in FERTILITY AND IVF some time ago and in my search, I came across St Jude’s Fertility Training centre in Abuja.

The fees required was rather affordable and made a lot of sense compared to other training that people go get abroad for three weeks courses. Besides, this particular course was for Months (Spread out ) including a lot of theories and practical hands-on sessions.

While the lectures have been so revealing easy to understand and empowering, the first practice session of about ten days was explosive.

With an unusual eagerness and no holds back attitude, the staff of St Jude’s showed and taught us all that go on in the IVF theatre and Lab…Pre-Egg collection proceedings, Egg Collection, Gametes Management and Embryo Transfer.

The experience was for me literally blissful, even as the Staff were so friendly and welcoming.

I would recommend St Jude’s for anyone looking to get similar training… There’s absolutely little or no need to seek such pieces of training overseas

Thank you, Dr Jude and the entire staff of St Jude’s Fertility Training Centre.

Dr Chris Mordi Williams
WellAgain Medique Ltd

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