Mr. Audu Ahmadu Usman (Embryologist)

Mrs Temitope Omolewa-Ogunsola (Fertility Nurse)
April 11, 2021
Mrs. Bisi Adedoyin Adebayo (Fertility Nurse)
April 11, 2021

Mr. Audu Ahmadu Usman (Embryologist)

Mr. Audu Ahmadu Usman

My name is Audu Ahmadu Usman.I am an Anatomist and a sonographer. I developed an interest in reproductory health as a result of the increasing number of subfertility/infertility cases I come across in my daily practice.

After doing my search on the internet and other sources on where to enroll for the andrology& embryology course, the only place I could get what I was looking for was St Jude Fertility Institute. I came to realize that most professionals in this field don’t want to promote teaching in this great field. However, this is the opposite in St Jude as Dr. Jude Adeghe and his staff is very happy to diffuse out from their wealth of knowledge.

I would also like to commend them on their fee which is very affordable and first of its kind in the country.
Thank you sir Dr.Jude Adeghe for your support and mentorship. thank you sir for creating an opportunity like this.I benefited immensely from your class.

My sincere appreciation also goes to Mr. Maude Garba (the Prof.).I learned a lot from your embryology class and practicals. Semen processing, egg retrieval, insemination, and embryo transfer, the experience was quite phenomenal.
Thank you sir Dr.Glaziers for your online lecture it was very educative.
My profound appreciation also goes out to Mr. Kayode the course coordinator for his support and encouragement. Not forgetting Nkiru also for her effort.

God bless Dr.Jude Adeghe and everybody at St Jude Fertility institute,I wish you guys more successful news ahead.

Mr. Audu Ahmadu Usman (Embryologist)

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