About Us

The main purpose of St Jude Fertility Institute is to provide effective training for healthcare professionals who wish to acquire skills in Assisted Reproduction Technology (A.R.T) and the general management of subfertility. At present unless a healthcare professional (doctor, nurse, etc) is employed in an In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) clinic where he / she learns on the job, there are no facilities in Nigeria where such professional can undergo training. Our raison d’etre is to plug this gap and provide a platform for structured and effective training.
Subfertility is a serious problem affecting at least 1 in 6 couples worldwide. It is thought to be more common in Nigeria where carries a strong traditionally inherent taboo. The problem therefore deserves determined effort to provide good training for professionals who have interest in acquiring skills in this area of specialisation. The institute offers courses for doctors, nurses, science graduates who wish to take up a career in embryology / andrology, and counsellors. All courses are part-time so can be done alongside your regular jobs.
The Director of the Institute is Dr J. Adeghe MBBS, PhD, FRCOG, a renowned Consultant in Gynaecology & Reproductive Medicine. He is the owner and medical director of St Jude Hospitals and Clinics with facilities in the UK and Nigeria. In December 2017 he celebrated 20 years of a highly successful IVF practice in the UK. He is the author of the excellent booklet titled How To Become A Successful Healthcare Entrepreneur. Dr Adeghe is supported by an international faculty of experienced professionals in the field of assisted reproduction.
St Jude Fertility Institute is owned by Quality Healthcare Academy a company registered with the CAC in Nigeria (RC: 1272947).
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