Course Overview
This is a certificate course designed for doctors who wish to acquire specialist skills in the theory and practice of fertility and assisted reproduction. It is a part-time course of 12months duration. Courses are delivered online as well as on weekend residential seminar sessions and structured practical sessions. The course is designed to be done alongside your regular jobs. Successful completion is assessed through regular assignments, keeping a log book of practical procedures, a short dissertation on a relevant topic and a final assessment test.

Who should Enroll in this course?
– Post-fellowship gynecologists
– Experienced doctors with practical skills in obstetrics and gynecology who harbor a passion to acquire   – Skills in fertility and assisted reproductive technology

What you’ll learn
– In-depth knowledge of human reproductive physiology and pathophysiology
– Endocrinology and the menstrual cycle
– Epidemiology of Infertility: Causes, prevalence, strategies for prevention, definitions
– Fertility investigations: male and female
– Transvaginal ultrasound scanning
– Hysteroscopy in Assisted Conception
– Theory and practice IVF/ICSI and other assisted reproductive treatments: indications, treatment  planning, ovarian stimulation, egg collection and embryo transfer
– Information counseling and basic support counseling
– Quality Management system in Assisted Conception
– Quality Assurance in Fertility and Assisted Reproduction
– How to set up a fertility and IVF clinic de novo
– The role of regulation and quality improvement is fertility and assisted conception

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